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Why Partner with SCTA?

Your message targets a top‐quality diverse audience

South Carolina theatre patrons reside all over the state, including middle & high school students, faculty, administration and parents; college & university theatre students faculty and administrators; theatre for youth participants, boards, and attendees; community theatre participants, boards, and attendees; and professional theatre participants, boards, and attendees. Our attendees are more involved in other leisure activities, including movies, festivals, museums, and popular music concerts (as compared to non‐attendees).

Our attendees are thinkers

The majority of arts attendees think attending live performing arts is thought‐provoking, helps increase cultural understanding, and encourages higher levels of creativity.

People believe in SCTA

Membership and attendance at our events continues to grow by over 10% annually. Our members believe the arts improve the quality of life and are an enormous source of community pride. They also feel that the arts promote understanding of others, help preserve and share cultural heritage, and continue to contribute to the education of children.

South Carolina consumers will spend more than $1 Billion on retail goods – why not entice them to buy locally!

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