About SCTA

The South Carolina Theatre Association, a subset of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, was founded on September 23, 1967 in Greenwood, South Carolina, by the 30 delegates representing community and educational theaters in South Carolina. Phillip Hill was appointed to be the SETC representative in South Carolina, and Donald McKellar served as SCTA’s first President.

The first annual convention was held at the Town Theatre in Columbia, South Carolina, on January 20, 1968. It was at this convention, the constitution and by-laws were formally adopted. Town Theatre director John Bitterman booked Margaret Webster to perform in the program. In 1975, the SCTA executive board permanently moved the dates of the annual convention to be hosted in the fall.

In 2017, SCTA (South Carolina Theatre Association) celebrated 50 years of work in creating, connecting, and cultivating theatre in South Carolina. An archive of the first 50-year history of SCTA can be found at the Special Collections section of the James B. Duke Library at Furman University. The documents are available to the public upon request.

The first committee of SCTA directors were as follows: Donald McKellar as President, Philip Hill as Vice President, Betty Hudgens as Secretary, and Gene Eaker as Treasurer.

In 2016, the Executive Board established a South Carolina Theatre Hall of Fame and inducted Dr. Phillip Hill as its first recipient and this honor award is presented each year at the annual convention.

SCTA’s Annual Business meeting is held the Saturday evening at the annual convention and all members are invited to attend and vote on electing new officers or any proposed changes to the by-laws. The SCTA 990 is filed annually as required and can be requested.