The Monologue Competition will be divided into the following categories:

General Rules


Cold Reading


Judging & Awards

A panel of judges arranged by the Executive Director will be used for each category. Adjudication in each category will be written critiques only with scoring.

One performer in each category will be selected as Third Place, Second Place, and State Winner and will receive a trophy. All participants who are not selected as State Winner, Second place, or Third Place in their category will receive a ribbon showing their rating.

Judges’ Evaluation Criteria

  1. Energy and Physical Presentation: Performance is appropriately energetic and engaging for the selection combined with natural and sensible movements that maintains the audiences’ attention.
  2. Characterization and Emotional Connection: The character is fully developed and defined. Personality, emotion, body language, and vocal expression are effectively utilized to clarify the overall objective of the piece.
  3. Variety: The performance is supported by vocal, emotional, and physical variety that is supported by the text and creates an engaging performance throughout the piece.
  4. Vocal Projection and Clarity: The art of projection is fully mastered, with clear pronunciation, articulation, confidence and assertiveness. Vocal quality, levels of projection, and dialects are also considered.
  5. Choice of Monologue (not scored in Cold Read)/Understanding of Text: The performer has selected a challenging and appropriate text. The performer has mastered the monologue with sensitivity and balance. The performer has a thorough understanding of the character beyond just the written text.